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Our hotels are true masterpieces, located in the world’s most desirable and breathtaking destinations.
Each property is a landmark with deep respect for local culture, history and community.

Shedir Collection

extraordinary luxury

Shiedir: a new style of hospitality.
Each hotel has its very own identity and personality.
Shedir has five gems in the very heart of the Eternal City as well as in Capri, the Island of the Mermaids. These six hotels offer a unique the ultimate hospitality experience, but they are all united by a desire to provide guests with a genuine and spontaneous feeling.

Palazzo Vilòn Roma | SHEDIR Collection
Palazzo Vilòn Roma | SHEDIR Collection
shedir collection

uniquely elegant hotels

Capri . Rome

Contemporary Design & Residential Interiors

World-class Contemporary design with reference to the past and luxurious residential interiors make our hotels uniquely elegant.


intimacy & authenticity

Our Hotels provide a lifestyle home-away-from-home experience that blends the boundaries between hospitality, intimacy and authenticity. while offering sincere, spontaneous and bespoke service.


a new star

Palazzo Roma brings to life the magnificence of the Roman past, while offering a contemporary concept of both luxury and hospitality. It is like an unveiled museum, featuring the original frescos and coffered ceilings. All rooms as well as suites will have decorations, parquet floors with Versailles teak, fine and rare marble.

art at the dining table

dining experiences

Every table is a work of art, embodying the beauty of each resort’s location. Our thoughtful culinary experiences and celebrity chef partnerships are captivating, from fine dining and candlelit dinners, to feet-in-the-sand experiences with your loved ones. Explore our array of impressive globally acclaimed chefs at our destination resorts.